Yet the Woods Sing Still

I. Birth   Grace grows from Her arms, Falling past the lake that bows Toward Her elegant legs Of virginal innocence.   The sea wished She were near His bold waves, to see him crush The demon's ship for Her.   The prairie rejoices in Her voice Which She sang from birth To Mother who... Continue Reading →


The House

I awake, sharp, inside this war-torn room, Though I can’t recall how I arrived here. Barely having strength in these thin legs, I begin to inspect the empty surrounding.   The pin-drop creaks pierce my ears; A Spirit of Fear begins to overwhelm me. I fling open the door, praying for comfort. But, only a... Continue Reading →

V. Flashes of Memory

The day was clear. We walked into the sanctuary.   My brother didn't let a single tear Slip down his cheeks. He struggled With emotions like that.   My family sat. The seats were familiar Of regular Sunday services, but This was different now. Much different.   They weren't as cushy. The wood Seemed stiff... Continue Reading →

One Last Hymn from a Gentle Bird

Crest curving like the crescent moon, And fluttering wings grown so soon.   Sweet hymns I sang in church to the Lord; But at home similar songs had soared.   I wrapped my velvet, ivory fingers around. The trust was in not making a sound.   Grey, white, and yellow--each would hug, In feathery softness... Continue Reading →

A Settler’s Spring

Gentle breezes wisp through my hair. A faint echo flows all around. Walking along this powdered path, I feel His presence here with me.   The sky is lit up with radiant colors, Flowing across like a refined painting. I’ve seen it before, yet I’m still in awe Of how dazzling His works are.  ... Continue Reading →

IV. Flashes of Memory

I dozed on and off that morning. No school, but work was later. The door to the garage opened and closed In a heavy reverberation, yet I kept tucked into My five layers of blanketed bliss.   Our dogs were pattering their paws Along the caramel wood floor And my ears honed in On the... Continue Reading →

Just To Say, Only Greens

I snatched Them greens In the tip jar, While you were In the back.   Didn't know What you Was gonna Do with it. Probably Some fancy Family meal out.   I know, Old man. You run the store Late at night, Going home later To your family Who are all Sleeping.   You were... Continue Reading →

A Vagrant’s Winter

I am here--and He is here with me, Saying to let go of the things within That has caused this plant to die from Suffocation. Oh, those lies of the world.   So this is the path I choose to take, The path which gives me life; To be who I am in Him, glorified.... Continue Reading →

III. Flashes of Memory

They were waiting for Grandma's body to be Picked up from the house.   We all stood in the living room While my dad was out back. My aunts told us mijas and mijos To go out to the backyard As they shut the curtains.   They didn't want us to see When they wheeled... Continue Reading →

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