Yet the Woods Sing Still

I. Birth


Grace grows from Her arms,

Falling past the lake that bows

Toward Her elegant legs

Of virginal innocence.


The sea wished She were near

His bold waves, to see him crush

The demon’s ship for Her.


The prairie rejoices in Her voice

Which She sang from birth

To Mother who crafted Her heart

And Father who molded Her brain.


II. Growing Pains


The demons wanted Her more

Than Nature’s suitors, Yet

Took advantage of Her beauty

And left Her red roses to bleed.


She spread Her seeds further

To outrun the demon’s axe,

But the demons bred faster.


God, Her Father, struck Her body,

Causing the flames to consume

Her and His demons. It was only

So She could gleam green.


III. Cessation


She underwent metamorphosis

And bloomed a song once more

Under the light of the sun

For the demons that ravished Her.


Her emerald eyes reflect blind;

Flickering and swaying against

The moon’s flowering glow.


She had long since learned

To not fear the demons that hid

Amidst Her trees and above

Her dress-trained ground.



⌊ © Serena Delgado (June, 2018) ⌉

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