A Settler’s Spring

Gentle breezes wisp through my hair.

A faint echo flows all around.

Walking along this powdered path,

I feel His presence here with me.


The sky is lit up with radiant colors,

Flowing across like a refined painting.

I’ve seen it before, yet I’m still in awe

Of how dazzling His works are.


As I continue to move forward,

He eases my worries of the unknown

And envelops His arms around me;

Comforting any doubt welled inside.


I burst aflame with a zealous heart,

Longing after what He has for me.

Though there are many challenges,

His strong arm will lift me above.


Strolling through delicate meadows,

As I gaze at blue birds flying freely,

I feel an ambiance of complete serenity.

Quiet, but so encompassed with life.


Even in the midst of all these sounds,

Though soft, I hear Him whisper–

That I am no longer tied down.

I am free, and that is enough for me.


Another poem I wrote for the same fundraising show, but re-edited it on 3/21/14. I’m not sure of the original written date. My friend had wanted something more related to spring than winter, so I had written a completely new poem in about thirty to forty minutes. I came back and revised it just as with “A Vagrant’s Winter.” The theme is more so of rebirth out of a depressive state through solace in religion. Again, this can represent different things to you. That’s the intellectual benefit of reading and writing.

⌊ © Serena Delgado (Revised: June, 2018) ⌉

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