A Vagrant’s Winter

I am here–and He is here with me,

Saying to let go of the things within

That has caused this plant to die from

Suffocation. Oh, those lies of the world.


So this is the path I choose to take,

The path which gives me life;

To be who I am in Him, glorified.

I am not alone, but I never was.


I no longer allow the darkness in

And no more will it drag me back–

Back within that empty place,

Which kept me locked up and alone.


And even in the midst of everything,

I felt He was there beside me.

Whispering, ever so gently,

It’s alright–I shall lift you up.


I felt a freedom that elevated me

To a place I could soar without fear,

Fear of rejection or being forgotten.

The frost-bitten chains are off now.


He has taken the decayed plant kept

And made something dazzling.

How it shines with His magnificence.

I am here–and He is always with me.


I wrote this poem for a friend’s fundraising performance, but it was re-edited on 3/14/14 sometime after the show–so I’m not sure of the official date it was written. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to re-read it. It was a bit rough, but I cleaned it up a little more and kept the main theme: my religion and relationship with God through depression. You can take “He” as different symbols; it is whatever you get best out of this poem. 

⌊ © Serena Delgado (Revised: May, 2018) ⌉

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