Where Youthful Choices Lead

The strict row of stuffed animals lined across my bed, quietly in their proper places. My friends paraded with frilly, dressed dolls, but I preferred a softer company. One where a Christmas snowman could snuggle up next to a Build-A-Bear koala; my bedroom kingdom prided in colorful diversity.

I was so much younger, free even from mental constraints of measuring equal or above. Winter chills were pressing against cars and houses. All of the trees around had lost their vibrancy; planted still and quiet among the evening sky. My mom took me to the birthday party and stayed the entire time. All of the other young girls had their dolls paraded in glamorous attire for the cold night celebration. But what did I do? I brought my stuffed snowman, cradled comfortably in both my small, ivory palms. He was the last one on the shelf at the local mall—I had to have him for my kingdom, my little world. It was only fitting that I showed him off. I didn’t have the kinds of dolls that they had.

No one had minded, I was well-dressed myself. A deep velvet burgundy dress; I felt like a proper lady for the occasion. Everything else became hazed in childhood bliss during the rest of the night, but I knew I had smiled and laughed alongside everyone else. I had kept my little white knight for awhile.. until he became tattered and lost his festive red scarf.

He was given away eventually, like many others before him—straight to the Salvation Army. It was always the place of choice to take stuffed toys, clothes, or accessories. At least for us.

My kingdom continued to grow even after his departure. They slowly became tucked off to the sides of my room, no longer fit enough to lounge lazily on the bed. Still, how could I exile all of them? My society would’ve fallen apart.

⌊ © Serena Delgado (May, 2018) ⌉

10 thoughts on “Where Youthful Choices Lead

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      1. Do you do collaborations Serena? I’ve done a few with romantic poets. But I wish to write something darker and address my depression. I came back to this piece today and would love to work with you.


      2. I’m so honored that you want to collaborate, Nitin. But, I’m not currently doing them because I’m still new to WordPress. I’m trying to find my ground first, if that makes sense. I’m open to one in the near future though!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You’re welcome. I wish you would write more though. But then again each writer’s process is differently and so I’ll just have to wait (im)patiently for your next post!

        Liked by 1 person

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