A Vagrant’s Winter

I am here--and He is here with me, Saying to let go of the things within That has caused this plant to die from Suffocation. Oh, those lies of the world.   So this is the path I choose to take, The path which gives me life; To be who I am in Him, glorified.... Continue Reading →


III. Flashes of Memory

They were waiting for Grandma's body to be Picked up from the house.   We all stood in the living room While my dad was out back. My aunts told us mijas and mijos To go out to the backyard As they shut the curtains.   They didn't want us to see When they wheeled... Continue Reading →

The Walk

His skin, like sand dampened by the ocean, Her tresses were as waves flowing in motion. His onyx hair blocked the moon's reflection, Contrasting that of her bright, fair complexion.   She gently molded her hand with his own, And he harmonized his footsteps to her tone. Though she was reticent, he remained steady, Until... Continue Reading →

II. Flashes of Memory

She was always abrupt, My Aunt Barbara. Spoke her mind; laidback Rebel that became Used to the hair loss.   My sister and cousins Sobbed into each other's arms At the service, but I couldn't. I simply stood there, My little feet on the fresh, lively Grass; too young for the sky To reveal the... Continue Reading →

Courtyard Solace

Courtyard Solace Silence cuts the air deeper than the oncoming autumn chills of weekday afternoons in the courtyard. Echoed laughter trickles in and suddenly the call of Sunday mornings beam the hurried footsteps of families in between church services. Mom always said to slow down, to feel her warm palm against the icy metal of... Continue Reading →

I. Flashes of Memory

Mom and dad carted  me and my siblings To their house--little pups then.   Grandpa Ralph had another stroke. The ambulance truck arrived At the same time as our pearl white Suburban pulled into the driveway.   Dad flung the door open, slammed it shut As he rushed inside past the little rose Bush walkway... Continue Reading →

Where Youthful Choices Lead

The strict row of stuffed animals lined across my bed, quietly in their proper places. My friends paraded with frilly, dressed dolls, but I preferred a softer company. One where a Christmas snowman could snuggle up next to a Build-A-Bear koala; my bedroom kingdom prided in colorful diversity. I was so much younger, free even... Continue Reading →

The Underbrush

  I slip down the trail, lost In my own psychotic imagination. What was it? The tedious wanderings Of a small child, trying To find her way home—but trapped By its twig ropes and leaf chains.   Where was I? The forest Refuses to speak; a transformation I must endure. Streaky-bleak skies, my Only map... Continue Reading →

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